Engage your clients with our virtual tours using Virtual Reality (VR), It allows a visual walk through a home, apartment or business. 

Why spend hours trying to convince buyers when you can offer a virtual tour?


3D reality capture solution, allows architects to achieve higher design accuracies, while eliminating mistakes and reducing time taking tedious measurements and correcting details in floor plans drafting.


Because the sky is not a limit, we produce orthorectified imagery, orthomosaics, digital elevation models (DEM), topographic maps and aerial photography for real estate.



i-Map360 is located in the Niagara Region, which offers services for real estate, tourism, architecture and engineering using new technologies.


We create virtual tours in hours, perfect for real estate, tourism or to promote your business. Also, we provide 3D scanning for architects and construction ideal for taking measurements to produce floor plans, aerial imaging to generate topographic plans, Digital Elevation Models, orthomosaics and attractive aerial photography.  In addition we provide CAD drafting and GIS services.




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